Ali, Muhammad

Amistad, Freedom Schooner

Antietam National Battlefield

Appalachian Trail

Attucks, Crispus

Bison on Range


Boston Tea Party

Brown, Moses

Chapman, Johnny "Appleseed"

Chisholm Trail

Chrysler, Walter

Clinton, Bill

Clinton Center

Cody, Buffalo Bill

Colonial Ship

Columbus, Christopher

Columbus, Christopher

Columbus Day Clip Art

Columbus' First Journey



Cotton Gin

Cotton Gin (version 2)

Crandall, Prudence

Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Memorial

de La Salle, Robert

de Soto, Hernando

de Soto, Hernando and Route

de Soto, Hernando (Route)

Dec. of Independence

Douglas, Stephen A.

Dust Bowl

Earhart, Amelia

Ellis Island

Emerson House

Erie Canal

Fife and Drums

Flag Day


Flower Powr

Ford, Henry

Fort Sumter

Franklin, Benjamin

French and Indian War

French & Indian War Soldier


Welcome to American History Clip Art!
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French Quarter, New Orleans

Frost, Robert's Farm

Gateway Arch

Gold Rush

Golden Spike

Golden Spike and Trains

Great Depression

Great Seal of the USA

Hale, Nathan

Hale, Nathan Home

Hoover, Herbert's Birthplace

Humphrey, Hubert H.

Idaho Potato Museum


Japanese American Internment

Jefferson, Thomas

Jefferson Memorial

Johnston, Velma Bronn

Jones, John Paul's Home

Key, Francis Scott

King Kamehameha

Las Vegas Sign

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Trail

Libery Bell

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hat

Lincoln and Washington

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln's Birthplace

Louisiana Purchase

MacArthur, Douglas



Mexican- American War

Middle Colonies

Middle Colonist

Mississippi River

Model T

Mount Rushmore

Mt. Vernon Estate

Nation, Carrie

National Anthem

Native Americans

New England Colonies

New England Colonist

Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria


911 (version 2)

Old North Church

Oregon Trail

Otis, Elisha

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Pierce, Franklin




Plymouth Rock

Ponce de Leon, Juan

Ponce de Leon, Juan

Pony Express

Pony Express Rider

Presley Birthplace

Progressive Era


Railroad East

Railroad West

Red and Blue States

Ringling, Charles and John

Rodeo Cowboy


Sampson, Deborah

San Jacinto Monument

Santa Fe Trail

Separation of Power

Settler's House

Shepard, Alan Jr.

Sitting Bull

Southern Colonies

Southern Colonist

Spanish American War

Spinning Wheel

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty


Stone Mountain

Stowe, Harriet Beecher




Thirteen Colonies

Truman Home

Twain Home

USS Arizona Memorial

View from Crow's Nest


Voting (version 2)

War of 1812

Washington, Booker T.

Washington, George

Washington Monument

Webster, Noah

White House

White House

Williams, Roger

Winnemucca, Sarah

World Map

World War II

Wounded Knee Memorial

Wright Brothers Memorial

Yellowstone National Park

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